Curbside Recyclable Insulated Packaging
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100% curbside recyclable containers for shipping perishable goods.

Advanced Technology. Superior Performance.

FrioBox™ insulated box liners use special heat reflective "Low-e" coatings - similar to what is used in energy efficient windows. Applied to cardboard, these special coatings deflect heat away from your refrigerated or frozen goods. The result is a high-performance sustainable insulation system ideal for all types of temperature sensitive items.

98% of the world’s cocoa is produced by just 15 countries, and from there it ships to the rest of the world.

Friobox™ Curbside Recyclable INsulated Box Liners

Bypass the Trash...

Unlike EPS foams, plastic bubble insulation, cotton, polyester, and other materials used for insulated packaging, FrioBox™  products are made from recyclable cellulose fibers – paper, actually. Simply toss FrioBox in with all other paper recycling. It’s that simple. Discarded FrioBox™ containers are sorted at regional recycling facilities and shipped to paper factories where they are re-pulped to produce other paper products, making FrioBox™ one of the most sustainable insulated packaging solutions available today.

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A berry’s flavor is influenced by factors like temperature, humidity, and stage of ripeness.

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FrioBox™ and FrioBox™ Maxx products are produced and distributed nationwide for fast delivery anywhere in the country. Custom sizes and designs are available.

To get more information about FrioBox™ products, request comparative testing or performance data, inquire about warehousing, or to ask about any other cold chain services, please feel free to contact us.

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According to the USDA, perishable food like poultry, seafood and dairy must be maintained at a temperature below 40F to be considered safe.